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Our Partnership with Bella &  Duke: Enhancing the Well-being of Therapy Dogs Nationwide
At Therapy Dogs Nationwide, we are delighted to announce our exciting partnership with Bella & Duke, a renowned raw pet food manufacturer.
With shared values of dog welfare and education, our collaboration aims to make a positive impact on the lives of therapy dogs and the communities they serve.
Synergy of Ethos

Therapy Dogs Nationwide and Bella & Duke were both established in 2016 with a deep commitment to the well-being and happiness of dogs. Our shared passion for canine welfare and education forms the foundation of our fruitful partnership.

Empowering Social Impact

By joining forces, we have the power to create greater social impact. Together, we can budget for reciprocal social media campaigns, generating awareness about the importance of animal-assisted therapies, the benefits they bring, and the significance of making informed choices regarding pet well-being. We strive to educate our audiences on the invaluable role of therapy dogs in promoting well-being and social interaction.

Support for Our Mission

Bella & Duke is dedicated to supporting Therapy Dogs Nationwide in our mission to bring comfort, joy, and healing to those in need. As part of our partnership, Bella & Duke provides an agreed monthly donation, bolstered by additional funds raised through their own initiatives and donations from the sales of a special product range. In return, we collaborate by providing compelling content for their social media platforms, showcasing the incredible work of therapy dogs and the transformative impact they have.

Exclusive Benefits for Our Volunteers

As a token of appreciation for the unwavering dedication of our volunteers, Bella & Duke offers them an exclusive discount on their premium dog food range. This not only supports our volunteers in providing the best nutrition for their beloved canine companions but also strengthens the bond between therapy dogs and their handlers.

Choices and Stability

Through this remarkable partnership, Therapy Dogs Nationwide and our dedicated volunteers are given choices. We can confidently plan and budget our initiatives, knowing that we have a reliable and regular income to support our mission. This stability enables us to expand our reach, improve our programs, and continue making a difference in the lives of those who benefit from the incredible healing power of therapy dogs.

At Therapy Dogs Nationwide, we are immensely grateful to Bella & Duke for their steadfast support and belief in our cause. Together, we are forging a brighter future where therapy dogs thrive, communities are enriched, and well-being knows no bounds.

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