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Michele Skelly 


Michele lives in the county of Hampshire with her adult children, 3 gorgeous miniature poodles who are all full sisters. Lady Miss Millie (TDN Therapy Dog), Flame (our special girl whose been through a lot in a short time) and Blu aka Fagan from Oliver (our naughty girl), 2 huge though beautiful white Maine coons, Princess Venus & White Witch.

Autumn is our Hermann tortoise (nickname spiderman) and a very spoilt Syrian hamster, Pumpkin. Oh and nearly forgot, her husband, Nigel. I don’t think I have left anyone out.

Michele has volunteered for Therapy Dog Nationwide since 2018 with my therapy dog Lady Miss Millie. The most humbling and rewarding thing she’s ever done.

When not working in her Accounting business, she helps puppy/dog train at The Happy Puppy Company as a volunteer assistant, 2 nights a week. She also just loves to study, her motto is never too late to study whatever your age is.

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