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Mission Statement and 5 Year Plan


Therapy Dogs Nationwide is a UK-based national charity dedicated to providing volunteers and their temperament-assessed dogs for the benefit of local communities.  Our purpose is to bring comfort, focus and education to those we visit, enhancing their well-being and promoting emotional support.

We aim to fulfil every request for our services with at least one volunteer and dog, prioritising regular visits to local establishments as the core of our work.  We strive to be synonymous with the term “therapy dogs” and ensure that our services remain free for all those in need.


  1. Volunteer Expansion:
  • Increase the number of registered volunteers from 1,400 to 10,000 over the next five years.
  • Launch targeted  geographical  recruitment  drives  to  attract  new  volunteers  from  diverse regions.
  • Develop and promote the Cadets scheme to engage junior volunteers between the ages of 7 and 17, recognising their achievements and providing opportunities for growth.
  1. Organisational Structure:
  • Transition from a  voluntary organisation to a member’s organisation  to foster  stronger engagement and participation.
  • Expand the Board of Trustees from 5 to 8 members, incorporating individuals with diverse skills and expertise to drive the charity forward.
  • Establish a more  formalised Office Management structure to  streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
  1. Financial Sustainability:
  • Create a budget and forecast annually for the next five years, focusing on operational income to ensure financial stability and growth.
  • Explore opportunities for government funding and grants as the structure and number of volunteers expand.
  • Seek partnerships and collaborations with companies whose brand and ethos align with our mission to generate sustainable funding.
  1. Social Media and Outreach:
  • Improve and strengthen our social media presence and engagement across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and our official website.
  • Develop themed social media campaigns to attract new volunteers, increase followers, and generate revenue.
  • Provide social media and design training to staff members to enhance their skills in promoting the charity effectively.
  • Collaborate with professional social media teams to drive collaboration and expand our reach.
  1. Staffing and Expertise:
  • Transition current short-term contractors within the admin team into permanent employees to ensure stability and continuity.
  • Provide necessary training and development opportunities for staff members, including proficiency in MS Office and additional skills required to excel in their roles.
  • Continuously seek expertise and knowledge in relevant fields to stay updated with best practices in therapy dog programs and management.
  1. Uniform and Recognition:
  • Develop a smart and professional uniform for both volunteers and their dogs to enhance recognition and establish a consistent brand identity.
  • Use smaller, localised businesses for uniform production to minimise the carbon footprint and promote sustainability.
  • Encourage the uniform to be functional and inclusive, accommodating volunteers and dogs of different sizes, breeds, and physical appearances.
  1. Collaboration and Partnerships:
  • Strengthen existing collaborations with carefully selected companies whose brand and ethos align with Therapy Dogs Nationwide’s mission.
  • Explore long-term partnerships to further enhance financial stability and publicity.
  • Foster collaborations with organisations and institutions for joint initiatives that promote responsible animal care and community engagement.
  1. Training and Assessments:
  • Ensure regular refresher training for temperament assessors to maintain their proficiency and knowledge.
  • Conduct face -to-face admin meetings biannually to facilitate coordination and information sharing.
  • Implement a comprehensive assessment process for dogs and volunteers, including repeat assessments every two years or after prolonged periods of absence.
  1. Celebratory Milestones:
  • Plan and organise a celebration on for Therapy Dogs Nationwide’s 10th birthday in 2026, engaging volunteers, supporters, and the community.
  • Foster a culture of inclusivity and open communication, providing a safe environment for volunteers to share suggestions, ideas, and activities.
  1. Continuous Evaluation and Improvement:
  • Establish a trimester-based feedback system to gather input and insights from trustees, volunteers, and stakeholders.
  • Regularly assess the charity’s progress towards goals and make necessary adjustments to strategies and plans.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement, embracing new ideas, technologies, and approaches to enhance the impact and reach of Therapy Dogs Nationwide.

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